Online and over the phone tee time booking and payment procedures:

There will be two ways to book a tee time; either online through our website at or over the phone by calling 207-797-3524 Ext #1.  Today, Friday May 1, online tee times will go live at 1:00pm EST. Tee times by phone will be available starting Monday May 4.

Tee times will be held every 15 minutes to help maintain social distancing between groups. Normally, tee time intervals are every 9 minutes so we will be cutting our hourly tee time availability in half due to the current order. The first weekday (Monday through Friday) tee time available will be 8:00am. The first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) tee time available will be 7:00am. These starting times will change once the weather becomes nicer.  Members will be allowed to book 10 days in advance, while non-members will be allowed to book 7 days in advance.

Weekend Tee Times:

Due to the high volume of play on weekends and the larger intervals between tee times, we will be running a lottery for all golfers. We will be allowing more time availability during the weekend mornings to accommodate members of the course. The lottery will be drawn the Tuesday night before the weekend of play. You may sign up for the lottery starting the Wednesday of the week prior to the weekend you want to play. For example, if you want to play on May 23rd, you can call and enter into the lottery starting Wednesday May 13th. The lottery for that weekend would be drawn on Tuesday May 19th.   Players will have from Wednesday to Tuesday at 4pm to call or e-mail to enter into the lottery.  Clubhouses are not allowed to be open during Phase 1 of the Executive Order so, calling the pro-shop at 207-797-3524 or e-mailing will be to the only ways to enter the lottery.  Staff will be asking for all players names in the group, phone number for each player and a requested time range that you would like to play.  Once a slip has been drawn, we will give that group the closest time available to what was requested. Once all of the groups have been drawn, we will then open all remaining available weekend tee times for players to book online or by phone.

Payments for tee times.

We are currently not set up for online payments; however, we are in the process having this set up. In the meantime, the following will be the procedure to pay for tee times. Once you sign up for a tee time, we ask that you call the pro shop to make a payment. Golf course staff will also be calling players who have not called to pay for their tee times a day or two before the time is scheduled. Under the Executive Order all tee times must be prepaid before arriving to the course. As we just received a new POS system, the company Teesnap is allowed to take payments online for up to 3 tee times or 12 players per day. When booking you may be asked if you want to pay online, if so, that time’s options will be controlled by the company. All other slots will be booked with payment being taken over the phone.

In order to comply with the Executive Order, please have your ID available at the time of check in so that we can confirm you are a Cumberland County resident. In the event your ID is not updated with your current address, please provide another form of identification that shows that you live in the county, such as an apartment lease agreement, utility bill, etc. with your name and address.  If you are a member, you will not need to provide your ID or other proof of residency at the time of check in.

How to purchase a membership

We are not set up for online purchases for memberships at this time, so we will be taking all payments over the phone. The membership form is below for you to print, fill out, sign and send back either by email or mail. To eliminate congregation at the course, please do not come to the course just to sign up or drop off your membership. For those who have a smart phone, there might be a scan option for your device that will allow you to scan the document and send via email.

Membership Price List

For members who have not already signed up, when you book a tee time online, it will appear that you will need to pay the fee at the course once you arrive. You can proceed to complete the tee time booking and when you arrive at the course we will be able to adjust the fee so there will not be a payment. Once you are set up in the system as a member the tee times will not show you as owing a fee for the tee time booked.

There is an update on the State of Maine Executive Order. Players may only play in the county in which they live unless they are a member of the course at which they are playing. This means that in order to play at Riverside, you must be a resident of Cumberland County, or must become a member at Riverside.

South Course Not Opening

Due to a limited amount of staff when we open, we will only be opening the North Course for play until we have more staff on board. Unfortunately, this means that the South Course will not be opening on Tuesday May 5, 2020. We will be working hard to bring staff on in order to open the South Course as soon as possible. All members of the South Course will be allowed to play the North Course under their South Course membership.


As we are operating under a “new normal” compared to how we have operated in the past, please be patient as we work through this new process. We know the phone will be very busy and we will be working hard to answer and return all calls.

We have good news for golf at Riverside Golf Course.  Governor Mills announced on Tuesday April 28, 2020 that golf courses will be able to open with restrictions under the first phase of reopening the State starting May 1, 2020.  The City of Portland has approved Riverside Golf Course to open for golf starting Tuesday May 5, 2020 to walking only. We will be  following the restrictions and guidelines outlined by the State of Maine and the City of Portland.

Please Note the Following Changes:

  • Tee time intervals will be every 15 minutes for both courses.
  • The South Course will now be using tee times.
  • No walk-ins will be allowed at either course during this time to eliminate congregating at the course.

Below we have outlined the new guidelines that we will be implementing and following as we open.  Tee time bookings will open up on line starting Friday May 1, 2020 with the first day to book being Tuesday May 5, 2020.

We are excited to open, however we want to stress the importance of  safety for our staff and customers.  In order to remain open, everyone must continuing social distancing, wear cloth face coverings in public settings where physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain..  To ensure the safety of our customers staff will follow CDC and state protocols.  Staff will be wearing face coverings when interacting with customers, wearing gloves and following the social distancing recommendation (6 feet).

The new guidelines we have put into place may change daily to align with the City of Portland and the Maine CDC recommendations.  Any new guidelines or information will be communicated as updates to the rules and restrictions when they become available.

As a sport that prides itself on playing by the rules, following the rules of social distancing in golf are of the utmost importance today.


Rules and Restrictions:

  1. Follow proper social distancing protocol at all times, remaining at least 6 feet from players and golf course staff at all times.
  2. Players to wear cloth face coverings when talking with staff or when unable to maintain physical distancing including during course of play. Violators of this rule may be subject to penalty including suspension or being asked to leave the course.
  1. Only players who live in Cumberland County may golf at Riverside per State of Maine Executive Order. Out-of-State golfers may play golf once they have satisfied the 14 day quarantine requirement as outlined in the Maine Executive Order.
  1. Only the golf course itself will remain open. The entire clubhouse is closed, including the Pro Shop, restaurant, bag storage, bathrooms and locker rooms.
  2. Tee times will be 15-minute intervals.
  3. All reservations must be booked online or over the phone. All tee times must be paid for in advance over the phone. No cash transactions.  We are in the process of setting up online payments.
  4. NO walk-ins on either course will be accepted during the State’s Stage 1 Opening.


  1. SOUTH COURSE will only accept TEE TIMES, booked and paid in advance
  2. All players must remain in their vehicles until 10 minutes before tee time.
  3. No trashcans will be available on the course- Carry in / Carry out policy is in effect.
  4. No benches, ball washers, bunker rakes, tee markers will be on the course.
  5. At the end of play players must leave the golf course and proceed immediately to their car. No congregating outside of the pro shop, on the course or in the parking lot. Violators of this rule may be subject to penalty including suspension or being asked to leave the course.
  6. No rental clubs or push carts will be available.
  7. All players will be required to have their own set of clubs.
  8. Practice areas will be closed, including practice greens.
  9. Do not pick up any loose or used equipment that does not belong to you, including stray balls that may be found or tees left behind by other players. Please notify staff if clubs are left on the course and they will be retrieved.
  10. Refrain from the customary handshake that usually occurs at the end of the round
  11. Holes will be raised 1-2” above the surface of the green, touching any flagstick is prohibited. If your putt, chip or approach hits the raised cup and remains a putter-length (36″ or less) from the hole it will count as in.
  12. Bunker play will be permitted to use preferred lies, if your ball lies in a bunker you will be permitted to lift, clean, and place withinthe bunker.  Please use your foot or club to smooth out the sand after hitting your shot.
  13. Once carts are allowed, one-person-per-cart policy will apply. Players will be directed to the cart return, players to remove all personal belongings and trash from the cart.
  14. No outside alcohol is allowed on the course.
  15. As an additional reminder, if you have a fever, cough, are having any shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or any other symptoms of an illness, you should remain home.


Please note: Guidelines as of April 30, 2020.  This document will be updated as rules change.